Who Are We?

Netbabes! Hi! My name is Helena Bassett (kye/kyr/kynes or glitch/glitch/glitches) and I like many things!! Here are some things you might like (to know) about me:

  1. I was born in New Mexico and the SUN is one of the most important things to me but
  2. I live in Chicago. So even though I’m officially a “student,” I spend most of my time trying to surround myself with humans who feel just as glorious, and warm up my skin just as much.
  3. Other words that might describe me include “poet,” “media maker,” and “aspiring midwife.”
  4. I’m currently working on a performance/installation/poetry project with my mom on intimacy, trauma, and white fragility in our specific relationship.
  5. In more serious news, I’m obsessed with all things sticky/ tacky/ “artificial”/ gross… I have a *very* well received solo show opening this month that is just a series of my mucus selfies (crying or otherwise)… talk to me about it!
  6. I spend the rest of my time finding crop tops in the toddler section and imagining ways to attach to life in the middle of it all.

Hi world(s) my name is Eleonora Edreva (she/her/hers) and here are some facts about me:

  1. I usually go by Ele (pronounced like “Ellie”) but am actually sort of tickled when people call me by my full name.
  2. I recently entered the range of ~twenty somethings~ and have since found that almost all of my first interactions with people I don’t know include something about my major (English) and plans for Life After Graduation (unclear — pls contact with suggestions). Unsure how I feel about this.
  3. In my current life, some of my favorite activities include: writing of many kinds and genres, editing for my school newspaper, making short films, taking photos, studying perfume, and going to art museums.
  4. I was born in Bulgaria and still yearn for my heartland — even after having spent almost my entire life living in Chicago.
  5. A mostly-in-order list of my favorite things: sunshine, perfume (pls talk to me about perfume I will be so excited), colors, flowers + plants in general, books, saltwater, healthy foods.
  6. I am very good at sensing colors and finding things that are lost.