We started The Atmosqueer because we felt an absence of queer-focused blogs on the internet. Our intention is to create a digital space to acknowledge the importance of art in alternative world-making, to be engaged in our city and connect with the folks who share it with us, and to blend theory and practice (lol) in a way that is cutting edge, beautiful, and reflects our values as leftist (?) queers.

We recognize that our positioning is that of two white queer femmes who don’t experience transmisogyny; we obviously are not at the margins. Our positioning is privileged and in no way do we aim to represent, erase, or speak for other queers. Instead, we hope to share some of our strategies for disrupting and dreaming – ones that we hope will spark other people in their own imaginings of a world that we can all hold up together.

The Atmosqueer is interested in thinking about forms of “culture” — style, food, music, self-care, etc. — as strategic and tactical interventions to the dominant mode of being. We believe that dominant culture upholds and enforces a single way of existing that rejects and refuses complexity and possibility. We have a radical vision of a world that allows for everyone to flourish and live free of harm and violence. We aren’t organizing the movement, but instead see The Atmosqueer as a space to celebrate ways of challenging dominant power. Our content isn’t “fluffy” — it holds real potential to disrupt a harmful system of control.

We are working to dismantle / abolish / undermine through loving / making art / spreading joy / embracing our collective power.

Destabilize with us.