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video: rebirth garments performance!

we’re so excited to share our newest object with y’all: a short fashion film/ music video highlighting the work of sky cubacub’s fashion line, rebirth garments! rebirth garments is a line of clothing, lingerie, and accessories for the full spectrum of gender, size, and ability. sky calls the presentation of their work a fashion performance instead of a fashion show, the idea of which traditionally connotes a runway with models acting under strict direction, rather than rebirth’s model of an open ended dance performance. this specific dance party took place at IT presents: JUICE, a party whose fashion we posted about here.

we hope the vid makes you want to dance, and also that you check out sky’s kickstarter and support the deepening of their line — they’re doing some amazing work, like creating subsidized gender-affirming garments for youth as well as prototypes for more accessible outfits for people with disabilities (+ the bonus rewards are funnn and include custom binders, zines, & chainmaille jewelry!)



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it presents: juice (best lqqks)

hi hope u made out with a cutie this weekend! this weekend was the anniversary of the stonewall uprising in 1969, when “Sylvia Rivera, a Boricua trans woman, threw the bottle that sparked the infamous Stonewall Riot [a queer…


ele’s style: lipstick and leaping

hellooooo ! we’re back with the second installment of our get-to-know-us posts! (sry it took longer than we told u it would…classic us lol) like we did with helena, we’ll be introducing ele with two posts about her style…


helena’s style: pleasure + pineapple

hello hello! we know we haven’t really introduced ourselves yet. it was obvious that we needed to change that — who ARE these disembodied voices talking at me out of this screen? WHY do they care about these things?? so…


in the middle of things

hello world(s), welcome back — we hope you’ve felt some joy in your lives since we last saw you! people think of fashion shoots as existing between two poles: hyper-serious, high fashion shoots that produce glossy, publishable work; or…