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June 2016

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it presents: juice (best lqqks)

hi hope u made out with a cutie this weekend!

this weekend was the anniversary of the stonewall uprising in 1969, when “Sylvia Rivera, a Boricua trans woman, threw the bottle that sparked the infamous Stonewall Riot [a queer and trans upheaval against state violence]. A year later, she and Marsha P. Johnson, a Black trans woman, co-organized the first Christopher Street Liberation Day March in New York City to commemorate the queer upheaval against police violence” (rad fag). this day, which marks and celebrates queer “militant resistance of state violence in all its forms,” has been taken over largely by “wealthy cisgender gays and lesbians” who use the pride parade as an “opportunity for mainstream visibility” (rad fag). read more on this history, and what Black queer organizers did to disrupt this co-optation at last year’s pride parade, in radfag’s article.   for more on what happened this year (like how crowds chanted “you kill people” at NYPD Commissioner Bratton when he took the mic at Stonewall earlier this month when he and bill deblasio tried to organize their own vigil…), read mask magazine’s article “cops hate queers, queers hate cops.”

to celebrate queer resistance and freedom in chicago, we went to a party called juice, put on by IT Presents and organized by some of our fave queerz on the scene like abhijeet, lucy stoole, and ariel zetina. we were there to support our friends luis mejico (who we did a collaboration with a bit ago) and also sky cubacub of rebirth garments (interview coming soon!) – both of whom were presenting their fashion pieces.

people looked GOOD. we documented our favorite looks:



toyota corona (@toyota_corona)


compton quashie (website)


alexa grae (website) and irvin almonte (@inivri)


ben morino (@girlboifriend)


the chanels (from l to r): baby jerome (@iamthelittlesealgirl), mané (@doitmanny), DARK DYNAZTY david (@favdave)

*looks: alexa and irvin’s outfits are thrifted, ben is wearing jacob blank, and toyota, compton, and the chanels are wearing cole durkee. both jacob and cole are chicago-based designers.*

we promise we’re back for real, talk soon ok? 

e +h