ele’s style: lipstick and leaping

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we’re back with the second installment of our get-to-know-us posts! (sry it took longer than we told u it would…classic us lol) like we did with helena, we’ll be introducing ele with two posts about her style — the first being a photoshoot and some introductory thoughts, and the second being a longer interview. as u may remember, ele is a sunlight enthusiast, aspiring perfumer, and amateur orchid mama (emphasis on amateur — hit her w ur tips on orchid growing pls). she likes to make movies, take photos, and dance — find her spinning around the dancefloor and also in front of a weird brick wall in the following photos.























Helena: Mimi Thi Nguyen (world’s most badass academic) asks her students to do an exercise in which they write about why they decided to wear what they are wearing that day. How did you decide what to wear for this shoot?

Ele: Crop tops are one of my favorite kinds of clothing — I love the idea of blocks of clothing being broken up by areas of skin (I like clothing that reminds you that there’s a human underneath it!), which I showed in these outfits with the crop top and also with the gap between the periwinkle jumper and the knee high socks. Jumper dresses are another of my favorite kinds of clothing — H will attest to fact that I have probably like 8 of them lol. I just love that they’re sort of formless and that they can look incredibly different depending on what you pair them with. In terms of bottoms, I used to only wear skirts and dresses, but I’ve recently been much more drawn to pants, so I wanted to make sure that the shoot featured some of both. I also really wanted to include a coat in here as well because I’ve recently stopped fighting the fact that I live in a place where winter takes up 3/4 of the year, and have actually started to work on my collection of outerwear. And red lipstick is a given in any shoot that tries to define ‘my style;’ it’s been such an important tool in my ~development of self~ over the past few years that I honestly sometimes divide my life into pre and post ‘red lipstick on the regular’.

























Helena: What do you do that’s not “looking at style pics” that still influences your style? Books, aesthetic worlds, art, etc?

Ele: Movies! That’s definitely the first thing that comes to mind. I loveeee watching movies and feel like I take a lot (most?) of my inspiration for what I’d like my world to look like from them. I watch lots of different kinds of movies, though, so the look of my dreamworld is always a combination of a million disparate aesthetics that sort of float into each other, which can be confusing. But I guess that ties into the overall non-committal approach I have to my style, which varies day-by-day based on how I feel when I wake up and get dressed. I like the idea of having different selves that are mediated by style. I usually wake up with some idea of what kind of self I want to be that day, which depends on a lot of things — the dreams I had, the people I’m going to see, the things I’ve been learning/watching/listening to/eating/thinking about recently. I also really love (really, really love) perfume, so if I wake up wanting to smell like a particular one of my perfumes, I plan a look around that scent.




















you have reached the end of this installment BUT stay tuned for ele style post #2, coming soon (loosely interpreted) to computer screens near you. if you too enjoy spinning around in the strange alleyways of chicago, and want to do so in the company of two weirdos who will probably want to take photos of you, hit us up! until then, keep spinning and loving on each other.




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