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hello worlds!

we hope you didn’t think we’d be gone forever, because here we are, back to take up some space on your online brainwaves, with three small offerings for you — an apology for our long absence, the promise of a ~real post~ coming in the next few days, and the link to our favorite new piece of the internet.

but first things first: sorry we left without warning and have been gone for so long. a personal emergency took us off the internet (and out of real life) for a while, but we are back and excited about it. which leads us to…

the promise of the (long-awaited) second installment of our get-to-know-us series: ele’s style post! check back during the second half of this week for a cool photo series and some of her thoughts about style.

and of course, we couldn’t leave you with just words and vague promises! here’s a real thing that can make your life better RIGHT NOW, one of the best things we’ve ever found on the internet. radiooooo is an online musical time machine, where you select a country, decade, and vibe, and it curates a playlist of the best music created then. we’re obsessed (our favorite “taxi ride” has been turkey and argentina in the 60s and 70s) so pls let us know if you find any gems!

we’re happy to be back here and to be connecting with all of y’all again soon. see you later this week — we hope you feel many exciting things until then.

tell someone you love them today,

e + h

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