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March 2016


‘interview’ : a project on online-for-now queer love

“we should just be like, “hey.”” – us discussing how to open our posts

but seriously, hi! how are you? we are beyond excited to introduce our FIRST PARTNERSHIP, a video work made by tyler lumm and luis mejico! they are two artists who create incredible work on their own, and are also a long-distance couple. together they collaborate on ‘following,’ a digital project exploring what it means for two queer bodies to be in love, and have that love mediated by online technology. we think about a lot of the same ideas as them, and our work as the atmosqueer also navigates similar terrain as their project: two people negotiating creative practices in an online space.


this particular work, ‘interview,’ involves the two artists asking each other questions about the impact of physical separation, the anxieties of the digital, and the expanded and technologically mediated ‘queer’ identity. we collectively came up with the concept over a (very fun/productively garbled!!) conference call: they came up with the process, and we provided structuring questions to add to the questions they wanted to ask each other.

here’s how they describe the project’s formation after that: “we recorded our interview via skype. from that interview, we transcribed it, turned it into a script, and then performed that script again, recorded again from skype. thus, the scripted skype interview is the final form of our work, which is both real and unreal, genuine and fictitious. available to the public will be that second recording, and the script / transcription.” (atmosqueer note 1: READ THE PDF it is so good!!!) (atmosqueer note 2: the audio reverb is an aesthetic choice, as is the “tightness” of the video!) 

this project has been brewing for a month or so now, and we’ve been itching to release it into the world. here’s the !!!video itself!!! and an ‘about’ for their on-going project:

About Following:

Following is an ongoing collaboration between online-for-now couple Tyler Lumm and Luis Mejico. Romantic couples who maintain online presence face augmented challenges. The mediation of affection through ever-evolving technologies produces lovers bound to each other and their fans by a hunger for validation and popularity.

Following is a multi-media, online log that acts as commodity and correspondence between former lovers Mejico and Lumm, who ended their year-long relationship upon Lumm’s move to California. Following tracks the continued bloom and decay of love between the two artists indefinitely after their split through its resulting body of work.


we’re so grateful to have been a part of this work, and are excited to further explore collaborative projects with artists around chicago. please check out tyler and luis’s other work, and HIT US UP if you are interested in working on a project with us!!!


e + h (&  l + t)


mocha black bean mousse cake

while e was busy playing in the magic land of mexico city, h went home to new mexico and decided to give life to our “food” section… with nothing less exciting + mouthwatering than a *mocha black bean mousse cake*!…


helena’s style: pleasure + pineapple

hello hello! we know we haven’t really introduced ourselves yet. it was obvious that we needed to change that — who ARE these disembodied voices talking at me out of this screen? WHY do they care about these things?? so…

Community Events


The polls have opened in Chicago! This is your chance to dethrone Anita Alvarez, the State’s Attorney who covered up Laquan McDonald’s murder and has a history of choosing the police over the people. Read on to learn about…